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As a strategic partner of the international organization Baltic-Black Sea Council, the unexpected task lay on the shoulders of the independent agency Royal ® Advertising: reconsider the recent historical events and to install it to a wide audience in a maximally available way.


In 1991, one meeting forced all the world press to reprint a world map: a document signed by the leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus made from one country, that occupied ⅙ part of the land, 15 independent states.


Today, the live participants of the event, which changed the course of the history, as they say, became the heroes of our publicistic video, announcing the future cycle and visualizing the whole sequence of events to the present day.


How to uncover that side of History, which is not written in textbooks objectively and accessible? The solution is obvious. The best way is to tell the story from the first person. Only in this way we will  avoid doublespending-collisions and retain the meaning in its original form.


We divided one global task into two interrelated manifestations: we created a web resource and a teaser video, which explain the relationship between modernity and the events of the ХХ century, that were precursors of the present.


It seems that nothing can go wrong, if instead of professional actors are the main politicians of the Eastern Europe of the twentieth century. If Stanislav Shushkevych, Leonid Kravchuk and Gennady Burbulis were in the same studio at the same time?


Nevertheless, all this could turn into a standard interview, which will be forgotten in 5 minutes after viewing.



Therefore, we went the other way,we have completely abandoned the pre-written plot.


The result of the decision #on_the_border was frank and emotional conversation about the ups and downs and overall responsibility to humanity. This conversation is not about politics, it is a conversation about the history.


History, which we thought we knew ...

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