Стромат \\ Concrete with a quality passport


Promotion of the major manufacturer “Stromat” on concrete market.


Concrete is exactly the product, which is used once for many years, that is why the cost of failure in the choice of concrete can be exorbitant. How a quality product should be distinguished from a fake? What is the responsibility of the manufacturer?


The marketing campaign became an answer to these questions. The focus is made on certification of "Stromat" products and maintenance of concrete with so-called passport. It is visualized a direct correspondence between the brand "Stromat" and certified quality product confirmed with a "Сoncrete passport".

The message, addressed to the consumer, capacious aggregates the two ideas: 1. When buying concrete it is paramount to pay attention to its quality; 2. The "Stromat" accompanies its concrete with a passport, which eliminates the possibility of fake or poor quality.


A special emphasis of visualization is made on a steady visual image of the word "passport". If the semantic load permits the use of the words "quality certificate" or "manufacturer's warranty", it is the word "passport" with the appropriate visuals, draws attention and is easily remembered by the consumer.

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