Carrot \\ Concrete for every taste


Launch of a new player to concrete and concrete products market.


Concrete market in Ukraine is very replete. However, few of the manufacturers or sellers of concrete are ready to boast a customer-oriented approach in their activities.


During the upcoming campaign, Carrot need to bring to the consumer all the trumps in a competitive market.


However, developing communication, the agency team opted for blitzkrieg tactics to market promotion. Taglaining created so that being transformed subsequently to convey to the consumers the benefits and a Carrot brand uniqueness.


That is why the first flight, which was released in March, has been focused on the effect of the bright "delicious" picture and capacious message — "CONCRETE for every taste". "Every Taste" was illustrated ably by Royal ® Advertising artists, who showed juicy fruit in the concrete skins, symbolizing a perfect concrete surface.


Creating visual imagery, the Royal ® Advertising team allowed itself a surprise gesture — in communication of the concrete a style of #youallknowwhat fastfood was used, when the image object is inevitably attracts the eye and stimulates salivation. The correlation is stressed by a concise tagline: "I will pour it".

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