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It is not difficult to imagine the scale of the Ukrainian residential real estate market... Just to conduct a mental experiment, imagining the stars in the sky. What does your eye immediately catch? They are incredibly many. We can name some of them but not more than the fingers of one's arm. Well, Aliot and Dubha, from the Ursa Minor, and, perhaps, Polaris from Vela.


Similar is in the development arena: there are a lot of stars, but who are they is known by the highly esteemed "astronomers". Apart from that, bUdDevelopment shines with a "constellation" of eight magnificent stars.


The real astronauts from the independent agency Royal ® Advertising managed to reflect the bUd’s light over Kyiv.


The years of the creative tandem bUd + R®A, conducted at near-light speeds, could not but reflect on the fact that the ways of thinking of both teams merged in synergy and began to complement each other.


This time, R®A decided to borrow in the flat design of the fresh advertising campaign what in the language of urbanism is pejoratively called birdshitarchitect. By this term, conceptologists describe this type of complex building design, in which the top view (pathetically comparable to what the bird directs to the ground most often - birdshit) is more advantageous and attractive than the real sensation of the person facing the buildings.


Not really the phenomenon itself attracts the attention of Andriy Franchuk’ creative team, but the idea that it would be original to look at how the bUd's residential quarters brand-metaphor look from above.


Each quarter received a metaphorical (for a corrosive viewer, it should be emphasized that it is not true) a top view. All residential buildings "came alive" with images that form the basis of their uniqueness and make them attractive to future residents, on the basis of an analysis of the sensations of which they were invented.

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