Славутич \\ A brand with a river Dnipro view


The creators of residential quarter “Slavutych” located in a picturesque corner of the left bank of Kiev, appealed to the independent agency Royal ® Advertising for the verbalization of quarter communication.


Due to inherent Royal ® Advertising manner all created materials are elegant and stylish. Paperwork and related materials, advertising signs and little "tricks" for the sellers - all the visual attributes of the brand have a distinct character, mood and recognizable features.


The sales album of residential quarter, created by a team of Royal ® Advertising agency, becomes a real decoration of the project. Taking the album to the hands a potential customer feels the mood on the level inherent in "Slavutych". Built on the banks of the Dnipro the quarter is breathing space and the atmosphere of the river. It is this river theme creates the spirit of the object, it is amazingly accurate and transmitted in all manifestations of the brand. It is an independent little masterpiece due to a specially designed unique navigation system.

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