ABC Retail System \\ A storm will break soon!


A booming segment of the information acquiring market, known as Fast Moving Consumer Services (FMCS) in narrow circles, which consist of the integration of previously non available for quick purchases goods and services in the "retail buyer check", so it needed to identify for the broader public masses.

For comprehension, positioning and launching of FMCS-brand to the market, the idea authors appealed to their long-time partners — independent agency Royal ® Advertising.


Choosing the name of the newborn service, a team of Royal ® Advertising came from simplicity, ease of image, energy and mental harmony with a consumer. Thus the brand "Blyskavka" was born, including all these qualities within.

However, in a multi-level basis of "Blyskavka" brand positioning the robust constructions are combined, that links a customer with a service integrator, a provider and a support company, in the equilibrium of the general model of the brand.


Logo, as well as the entire visual image of the brand representation, combines ease of forms, recognition and, at the same time, man-made uniqueness. Well, a lightning, born within the walls of the Royal ® Advertising, released into the public world of business. Stand from under! And as they say, may lightning strike me!

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