Черный поросенок \\ Black piglet


The creation of a brand of atmospheric restaurant with a soul, which would be easy to remember, efficiently integrated into the tourist routes of Kiev.


In branding, the cult of the pig is preached as a symbol of gastronomic luxury, which Creator made specifically for beer. A vector shifts from pub and beer menu to culture dishes, consumed with beer. Also, it sets up a mystification, telling that there lived a pig which predicted the future. Its descendant was found and and settled in the restaurant. And from the very opening, the audience has fallen in love with pig Fanny, which exhilarates the crowd and anticipates the future.


Logo, and a symbol of the restaurant afterwards, has become a pig Van Gogh after Kant. A pig that has bitten off his own ear — pork with beer is so delicious that it could eat itself.

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