Liquidevil \\ Liquid Devil


Ukrainian manufacturer of a unique biofuel appealed to an independent agency Royal ® Advertising for naming a new niche product and displaying it to the market. Flammable liquid has unique properties and an octane number greater than 100 (100, Coral !!!). Due to creators’ opinion, is it in primarily interest for the professional racing drivers who do not know measures in driving.


The fuel image and verbalization were created by the Royal ® Advertising team to match the emotions carried by the customer. Liquidevil liquid devil the name probably does not require any further explanation. Pure adrenaline in the veins of the four-wheeled body.

For a new brand pre-launch there were held races of the Ukrainian ring racing championship in the Chaika racetrack in mid-September. The competitors rolled out at the start with the liquid devil in the fuel tank, having got on the front pages of specialized publications at once.


With a light Royal ® Advertising creators’ hand the fuel, that is intended primarily for professional racers, except for the infernal name has got the logo and the presentation style. In a symbolic instruction to this diabolical liquid it is stated very clearly: when Liquidevil is in your car fuel pipe, there will no way back ...

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