Corazon \\ True heart colour


The opening of floral boutique is always associated with the search for the image in the subtle matter of emotions. Its location in “Novopecherski Lypky” is a light addition to the task that requires a combination of filigree technique, taste and appropriateness. No wonder that this task — to give birth and accompany brand — was given to the independent agency Royal ® Advertising.


We put into the basis of emotions, that identifies the style of decoration, semiotics and corporate style of floral boutique, the Spanish word “Corazon”, which can be freely translated as "heart" or "soul". The Spanish temperament, south pastel palette, thin graceful shapes are created to fall in love with a new floral boutique Corazon at the first sight.


The logo Corazon intricately created from thin abstract contours, creating the image of a flower, execution of the name, which contains the charm and, well, at least we think so, barely perceptible, but the riddle. You can’t be wrong when you see this sign on a wonderful bouquet — it sprouted from Corazon.

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