bUd development \\ Firm style with a Paris charm


Creation of firm style of a residential quarter, situated in the centre of Kiev, with a charming name  “French Quarter 2”, passing the metaphor of Frenchness inherent in the concept.


To convey the atmosphere of the French bustle of the city to the consumer, with its ease, charm and even scent, with mood and emotion ... Infect potential client with romantic mood of Paris and Marseilles ... To seduce ... Inspire … Thin lines of man-made graphics, live paintings, warm colors have made a new corporate identity of a new residential complex "French Quarter 2" on V. Vasylkivska Street.


Developers have no doubt that the mood, that people feel from the acquaintance, always becomes the leitmotif of future relations. Both between people and between a man and his home. Is not it? Est-ce pas?

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