BudCapital \\ Holosiivskyi dvoryk. An oasis of comfort in concrete jungles.


A detached house in a dense urban areas of Holosiivskyi district of the capital is a new project of a system Kyiv developer BudCapital. With a subtle sense of building technologies and engineering solutions nuances, developers have taken a wise decision to contact the independent agency Royal ® Advertising as professionals in creation, positioning and brand communication strategy.


In the context of a very intense competitive environment, understanding the weak attractiveness of the surrounding post-Soviet neighborhood, emphasis was made on the harmony of thoughtful high-tech new building with live greenery nearby to Holosiivskyi park. In the process of brand developing, the Royal ® Advertising team has paid maximum attention to the draft of the local area recommendations and the building facade design. Having absorbed the concept of urbanity "for the people" of Ian Gale, residential facility called Holosiivskyi dvoryk will become an oasis of harmony with nature in a busy urban environment.


Having completed a number of research and commending the active competitors' position, Royal ® Advertising experts weighed all the true object value and managed to place the correct emphasis in communication, without consumer deceiving. Thus it was born a strong brand in the real estate market — "Golosiivskyi dvoryk" — ready to respond to the consumer at all argumentation levels.

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