PeakSpirit \\ On the peak of ski spirit


Ski tourism in a distant and mental Georgia is a beautiful and romantic business with great international potential. However, to realize this huge potential it should be a fulcrum, even Archimedes of Syracuse was talking about its importance a couple of millennia ago. Today, such a point of support for the travel business is a brand verified on consumer value. The creators of a new direction in the modern Gudauri resort addressed an independent agency Royal ® Advertising team for its development.


To solve a problem from clean slate — this is what we love in Royal ® Advertising. Nurturing and expressing a new brand basis — its emotion, the team creators start working on the construction of the new entity visible part — the name, the identity and key images. These quite immaterial brand attributes will later make a basis for the emotions of the monetization mechanism.


A young brand joined organically the splendor of Georgian mountain landscapes and the magic of the famous mountaineers hospitality. Perhaps, it is not a surprise if the children will say in a five years:

— Georgia? Oh, I know, this is where PeakSpirit!

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