Місто Квітів \\ the City of Flowers: Created for love


A park quarter the “City of Flowers” built on Syrets by an ambitious Kyiv developer “Obrii” together with residential complex “Obolon” stands apart in a series of “square meters sold”. Firstly, it does not nominally, but truly secluded on the city plan, presenting a holistic “oasis” with a neighboring Kyiv Dendropark. And, secondly, parental love of its creators was so sincere, that it was impossible not to find the exit to the outside outdoor advertising in the communication.


The brand-parents of the “City of Flowers” — the independent agency Royal ® Advertising — tell about love and other feelings: “The first date of the developer with the agency took place in the atmosphere of mutual respect and puritanical standards of decency — the first months of the project the parameters, its pricing policy, as well as the positioning and branding (including previously approved visuals and copyrights) have been reasonably changed. Further, a long phase of convergence followed, when the “City of Flowers” was settled by emotion and mutual trust. So, in the process of consumer retracting step by step, the game became the basis of the communication strategy of the brand. Bright, memorable images, clear, moody scenes, combined with the fashionable low poly stylistics have become a “loom” vivid spots in an infinite mass of repetitive new buildings’ prints of Kyiv.

So, we simply could not ignore the New Year. After all, it is a symbol of renewal and the starting point for new achievements …”


Royal ® Advertising especially amused Kyivans, determined to give the “City of Flowers” a juicy and a colorful storyline, poetic to the extent that many have talked about the long-term relationship. In it, dropping all familiar from childhood clothes and forgetting about the troubles, the famous holiday characters ...

However, what was happening between them had left behind the scenes. But now everyone is certain that it was in the “City of Flowers”!

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