LeapKids \\ As children in a kindergarten


In one of the most popular residential districts of Kyiv, "Novopecherski Lypky", Preschool Academy LeapKids is ready to open as a school for the youngest district residents. The founders appealed to the independent agency Royal ® Advertising for developing of the brand and the expression of all its attributes.


A "springy" start has been put by a successful phoneme, which has become a brand name. LeapKids is not only a transliteration of "Lypky", and compound word that can be interpreted as bouncing (leap) children (kids). That was the beginning of all the emotions that position the Academy.


Each image is carefully paternal "laid" in the brand visualization. It hints by itself at the childhood immediacy that every sane parent wants to give to their child. A LeapKids team, thanks to a unique design methodology of pre-school development, is ready to implement a harmonious design in a real life that somehow blasphemous to call the corporate style. After all, it complements laconically in habitat of preschoolers who will overcome basics of a creative and physical education.


Created brand turns out really festive, representing the complex in a convenient form.


The pride of the brand is the book that looks, perhaps, as one of the best specimens of children's books on the bookstore shelves.


Each turn is accompanied by volumetric elements in the kirigami technique made by Royal ® Advertising artists. You want to pick it up and open. And, having read to the end one time, you want certainly to re-read it again and again.

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