Edelburg Development \\ A lion is always right


A new residential complex, built by the bright characteristic Kyiv developer Edelburg at the bottom of Staronavodnicka street, immediately went beyond the usual consumer framework. Location, ambition and emotion required an extraordinary view. It is impossible to exchange or lose in the hectic one-of-a-kind place — the foot of Kyiv Pechersk. The Royal ® Advertising team likes such tasks a lot, so we undertook the development of naming, identification and positioning of the new brand on the map of Kyiv new buildings.


The process of naming was harmonic and even easy. The royal place, a small village on the first line of Pechersk, the southeastern gate of small Kyiv in the performance of Edelburg — is there a name more capacious and accurate than Edeldorf? This was the birth of one more key point on the Kyiv "Edel map".


The image of the newly made brand was born thanks to the deep immersion of Royal ® Advertising experts in the wisdom of the heraldic heritage of the genealogical chain linking the local lands with antique family satellites.


A unique manifestation of the Edeldorf image was the combination of the image of the rising lion in the classic heraldic posture typical of the whole galaxy, the constellation of state emblems, from Jerusalem, through the Spanish León and Luxembourg to Finland and Norway, with the neoclassical image of the carved head of the predator, giving the image a complete emotion of strength, courage and generosity.


Did you know that the difference between the terms "lion" and "leopard" in heraldry is not zoological, but purely heraldic, and the difference is in the pose? However, this is a completely different story ...

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