LeapKids \\ A little campaign for big friends


The residential quarter "Novopecherski Lypky" has blended into the capital landscape long ago, forming a segment of the business real estate. No wonder, that the creators of the Preschool Academy LeapKids, preparing for the opening on the territory Novolypky, have applied for an advertising campaign to an independent agency Royal ® Advertising, passing a long way from concept to today's success with the residential quarter.


Of course, an institution for children in Novopecherski Lypky claims to be more than an advanced kindergarten, from the point of view of technical equipment and the teaching methods. But, after all, the main thing for any parent is still the love of the staff and the Academy owners for their work and to each child. And this very emotion become the basis of the campaign, developed by the Royal ® Advertising.


Lush colors, vibrant and playful lettering and sincere emotion of the campaign little heroes carry a compact, but at the same time, deep and clear signal: Preschool Academy LeapKids is a place where your baby will be fine. And what else can worry real parents?

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