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The team of independent agency Royal ® Advertising stands on the position of non-alternative respect for the personal life and the personal space of everyone. With all the existing range of emotions and manifestations, boldly practiced by Royal ® Advertising team, the encroachment on the personal space of anyone here is considered unacceptable. For this reason the Royal team gladly agreed the human rights defenders request of helping to create visual images for the campaign aimed to protect the rights of vulnerable groups of the people.


Presented to the public images were defiant, screaming, which generate reflex rejection and visualize manifestations that are denounced by the agency. And in these visualizations the creative team of the agency gave vent to their creators fantasy and talent.


Since the first day of the campaign in the media, each of the prints has caused a flurry of comments and reviews. It is interesting that the campaign’ pros and cons “struggling to the death” about the method of images were illustrated and did not in any way question the significance of the campaign, as well as the very fact of inadmissibility of encroachments on the personal rights and freedoms of representatives of vulnerable groups of people.


Well, perhaps, it's a positive result, isn’t it?

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