ОБРІЙ \\ New brand horizons


The Ukrainian real estate player in the development market, the company "Obrii", appealed to an independent agency Royal ® Advertising with the task of their visual image modernization. Cherishing their own history, the developers wanted to "modernize" the name, demonstrating the adequacy to the needs of the time to the market and consumer.


The Royal ® Advertising team was imbued with a customer sentiment and treated to the formed company image most carefully. Retaining the flowing forms of the basis logo sign, designers filled it with a thin, modern, emotional context, giving fresh emotional and aesthetic image to a canonical word "Obrii".


Deep rich colors, subtle graceful lines — the whole image of the company "Obrii" has acquired an actual juicy taste. For execution in different scales, the Royal ® Advertising designers developed an adaptive brand net, which allows to make recognizable both a tiny branded cufflink and a grandiose building facade.

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