The year 2017 passed and took with it the godlessly outdated corporate site of the event agency Ant © Hill, number 1 in Ukraine, by the way.


How did this happen? Why, or why did the team that entertained more than hundred thousand people, had a website looked like an @ss?


We decided to change the situation and the story is about it.


The web is blah blah blah and we all know that it would be nice if it’s okay. Still it is a question how does the boring site affect the business in the service sector?


In the case of Ant © Hill business, the technically obsolete code and the morally decomposed images on each page, to the surprise of the team of "outside observers", did not reduce the sales funnel at any stage. They are proud to organize at least 10 events a month. And they manage to do it in the times of total #stagnation_inflation_shadowing, and that is really positive indicator for our country. So we thought a little, checked the metrics and caught the fact that Ukrainian event-service market is so young that it does not fully need that e-commerce or infobiz, for example, get used to. It was time to stop and not to waste time if everything is working, but it would not be us if we did not strive for improvements categorically everywhere.


Due to working with “ants” under one roof for a while, we found all the “callus on their tender legs” and transform them into fresh bright skin, meaning a form of deep emotional fullscreen.


We were excited by the focus group reaction to the contacts page saying that this is definitely how they see the event manager!

The comments

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