Gravity \\ WOW, GIVE ME TWO


In the search of inner harmony, a man tried almost everything in the world during the thousands years of the evolution: rituals and ceremonies, drugs and procedures, etc. This is in the man’s nature, that just to live is interesting, but still … Lo and behold, the search of unique relaxation technologies has been finished in Kiyv — the Gravity float SPA is opened in Novolypki.The cosmic gloss for the newborn business was given to "local guys", providing a full set of branding procedures — from naming to galactic positioning, including psychedelic design and identity.


Frankly, the effect of visiting Gravity should be compared to the Cape Canaveral  cosmodrome or a journey into the world of diethylamide of d-lysergic acid. But within the understandable geography and a legislative framework, the necessary sensations and emotions had to be achieved with the help of the deprivation tank and the Royal ® Advertising team efforts, namely a subtle design, a narrative and a consistent stylistic line that passed from the "entrance portal" to the rhetoric on the staff's lips.


In the best traditions of non-verbal neuroprogramming, the Royal ® Advertising team proved that the immersion procedure in the sensor deprivation tank, the so-called floating, in its effect is not only similar to the impact of the strongest spiritual practices, but also surpasses their impact on the body by the purity and strength of parameters. Providing an absolute closure of all feelings, emotions and reflexes within the personality and organism, the float tank does not lead to any negative effects neither in a short or a long term!

Isn’t it a miracle?

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