Tour of Ukraine \\ The first Ukrainian Continental bicycle brand


Due to the efforts of the first Ukrainian event agency Ant ® Hill, bicycle team Kolss and Oleksandr Artemiev personally, a new brand of continental Europe Tour of Ukraine has launched its story. The task of brand creation of an annual 2.2 class bicycle race fell on the shoulders of an independent Royal ® Advertising Agency.


The Royal ® Advertising experienced the organizators’ ambitions to stand in one row with a famous Tour de France и Giro d'Italia. Moreover, such ambitions have all the prerequisites — the race is held under the patronage of the International Bicycle Federation UCI, the teams all over the world take place in it, the state support and municipal authorities allow the Tour of Ukraine to bring sporting event to the rank of state events in the first year.


In this sense and emotional way the Royal team has worked. The brand with all its attributes harmoniously stood on a par with the names of major international sporting events.


The UCI observers put the highest mark to the first "Rings” of Tour of Ukraine passed at the junction of May and June 2016. Separately flattering words were given to a newborn race logo, according to the experts — one of the best among the "brothers" by the UCI.

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