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When you come somewhere, where you are not expected, you have to show miracles of ingenuity in order to be noticed. So that Kartofun chips could take their "place in the sun" on the shelf, an independent agency Royal ® Advertising had to rethink completely the visual component of the brand, making an absolutely new packing design for six flavors, created in the old-school crafted manner of foodscapes.

The brand name and a dynamic slogan "Everything will be FUN!" were left from yesterday's Kartofun. But the dull packaging from the 90's did not inspire and give confidence, just like the composition of the line.


We have made 2 stages to get rid of the past product remnants.

For first, R®A took up the "inner world" of Kartofun's packaging. We changed an inconvenient sealed foil bag into a correx, and the form of long rectangular chips plates were replaced by the form of compact squares.


Secondly, a new visual brand identity should be created. During this stage a lot of ideas got to the “bin”. R®A agency was looking for a design that meets at once two difficult requirements: it must attract attention and be unique in its kind.


And here is the hard casting winner — the foodscape style, a technique of creating landscapes from products. It is exactly what we need. It is quite difficult to find something similar in the world (of course, Karl Warner is behind the brackets), and furthermore on the Ukrainian market it can be found "in the afternoon with fire". Packing with such a "cover" prays to get from the store shelf and view closer.


But the main feature of re:branding is the stories that are "played out" on each package of the Kartofun line. Fly in a balloon of paprika, go on a trip to the cheese pyramid, walk along the mushroom glade — it all depends on the taste that you prefer. At least, everyone has this opportunity now!

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