Edelburg Development \\ A sequel


Sequels are always difficult to make, because you do not want to repeat, but you do want to have a success of the first part. But "the second stage" in communications of Kyiv developers sounds today somehow #nothing’bout.


And here we met Edelburg Development. They were among the first to realize that the number of the project implementation phase does not bring the expected business effect. On this minor note, we clashed in the project.


So, we got to Podol. We took the stage of outline design and figured out how the eclectic architecture of the future facility would fit into the district's atmosphere.


Then they spread out the empathy map of the consumer audience core, due to our own research (RED Scanner from Royal ® Advertising), and saw that the best allegory of the new brand should be ... Lisbon.


We’ve got the trams (which, by the way, are not uncommon on Podol). It was a tram that became the symbol of the II industrial revolution, which "took" all the major cities to a new level, and a new brand - "Podil Grad Vintage" - to the market of fresh residential buildings in Kyiv.

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