UKRCARD \\ Processing as an art


In the midst of the economic downturn, one of the leaders in the field of banking services with plastic cards, the company UkrCard, expressed a desire to optimize their business in accordance with the changing market environment. UkrCard appealed to an independent agency Royal ® Advertising for the solution of this problem.


Technical and technological base close to perfection and allows the UkrCard company to perform a full range of processing services. Royal ® Advertising experts understand the capabilities of its customer clearly. They conducted a large-scale study of Ukrainian operation market and in the same time approximated the practices of Western companies that operated in a processing business.

As a result of the work done, the UkrCard company took a course for re:position of the brand from classical B2B service to the sphere of a multi level client service. This transformation was accompanied with the help of Royal ® Advertising team.


As a result of the project, on the basis of archaic foundation of intrabranch enterprise it was born, in fact, a new brand. It is verbal and, more importantly, procedurally and operationally, is closer to the market.

Good luck, old new UkrCard!

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