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It is easy to focus on the offspring when you have just one. And if more, and all of them are loved? It was the story that one of the modern development pioneer of the Capital, bUdDevelopment, got into. How to bring to the wide range of potential consumers the advantage of each of the objects, uniting them under one standard? In this difficult situation, the developer found a guaranteed correct way out — to contact its long-time partner, the independent agency Royal ® Advertising.


The Markov process of creative production, practiced by the Royal ® Advertising, bore fruits shortly, that were instantly loved by both the development team and the Client. Highlighting the key advantages of each of the implemented bUdDevelopment objects, the campaign developers provided each of the prints not only a tasty, delicate, elegant visual storyline, but also used the developer’s name in the slogan of each plot.


The idea turned out to be so attractive and bright that the Client already gave a task to the agency to create the subsequent scenes for a few more flies ahead. Now in the vocabulary of the Royal ® Advertising creative department, there is a noticeable skew in the direction of words containing the particle bUd. Get ready the bUdget, bUddies!

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