Unfortunately, or fortunately, but we live in the real estate era. Yes Yes! The history of our native regions has never before knew such a boom around a completely utilitarian process of erecting buildings for future residence in them.


Construction in Ukraine today is the owner of the title "the second capitalist tool, after BitCoin", the subject of mass speculation and even fraud, the object of preferences research and object of over-the-top forecasting demand. And, of course, real estate = competition = advertising. Advertising from which even the advertisers are sick.


But the occasions occur when construction projects stand alone in the list of new buildings. We will tell you about one of them.


It should be noted that, the construction of Kyiv and its expansion from the center to the suburbs has been going on for fifteen hundred years. And in each of the past eras, the Kyiv citizens (or capital guests) created an architectural objects that later became a sign, a symbol of that time. Not all of them have survived after time trials and wars, but some still delight our eyes today, that allows us to draw parallels, compare and reflect about eternal.


The independent agency Royal ® Advertising not only likes to draw parallels, compare and reflect about the  eternal, but also has the unusual opportunity to see the architectural future of the capital at the stage of its inception. Not because of any esoteric skills, but only because it serves 22% of Kyiv real estate market and takes part in the origin of most development trends / brands / blends (a favorite word can even be underlined). And now, in the course of working on the Signature brand, in the process of understanding the philosophy of the project of a residential complex being built on Mechnikova Street, the Royal team, who saw many on their creative path, had a rare but steady feeling: "But Signature is a symbolic architectural object of modern Kyiv! After all, this should be told  to the consumer!"


And then things went with ease and the great mood. The circle was closed and everything fell into place. Having put the Signature complex on a par with the famous Kyiv objects of different times, the creative Royal ® Advertising team has developed the concept of acquaintance with the new object through understanding the very term "sign object" and its historical precedents.


The campaign, developed within the framework of this concept, bears the idea of semantic parallels. As the epoch-making architectural ideas of the past have become symbols of their time, so the Signature complex, with ideas and technologies put into it, has every chance to go into the history, becoming a symbol of Kyiv urban planning of the first quarter of the XXI century. The whole communication of the new residential complex is all about it.


This is how this project was felt in the independent Royal ® Advertising agency.

And here, as you know, mistakes are not made ;-)

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