Varus \\ Network re:design


Redesign the network «Varus» stores. Change subjects are like merchandising, interior design and all the accompanying products.


The general contractor of the project was Design Spring bureau, the embodiment of the advertising and marketing tasks of visual communication were introduced by an independent agency Royal ® Advertising. As a result of research, tests and analysis of the market, it was decided to focus on environmental concept.


Now that the problem of environmental integrity is of paramount importance, when the damage caused the nature by industrial processes more and more evident, when the market is fed up with artificially created components, replacing the traditional food, the consumer gives preference to goods and services, seeming to him more natural.


That is why the supermarket, focused on the "family" status, seeking to occupy a firm place in the daily consumer schedule, should be uniquely associated with an unspoilt environment.


In realization of the "ecological" concept, it was decided to get away from the hackneyed template with plenty of green. The concept is implemented in the style of a civilized suburb, a kind of attractive "country". Project founders are sure that this approach to application of environmental motive is much more capacious, and opens up a plenty of designers possibilities that are not available in "green" coordinate system.


Of course, variability opening for the design work, bears fruit in the work with the customer. The last re:design of supermarkets attracts customers indeed, increasing their comfort, improving the mood and the appetite.

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