Royal House \\ Right Now O'clock


Apparently, due to the phonetic similarity of the names or for some other reason, but Kyiv authentic developer Royal House applied to an independent agency Royal ® Advertising for re:positioning of a residential neighborhood “New England”.


Operating in the framework of its own tuned over the years techniques, the Royal ® Advertising professionals started their work with a series of researches. As a result, a balanced consumer portrait was substantially “adjusted”, to put it mildly. Naturally, the correction of input data has led to a revision of the communication concept and reasonable arrangement of the emphasis in the campaign. As a result of the analysis and deeper understanding of a basic data a series of bright memorable prints has become, drawing people’s attention.


The English say “My home is my castle”. Meaning, at the same time, a taste, a style, a quality and five o’clock, of course. The same opinion will be obtained by the New England residents. Moreover they feel it right now, filling with a deep emotional charge by billboards’ plot and a color palette, they are going to the sales department with confidence. Is not it the best indicator of the campaign success?

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