It happens that the company has only been formed, and it is already considered as an experienced one. It happens due to a newcomers with a serious experience in large projects. This is exactly what happened with our heroes. A new developer, already a key player in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district of the capital, get started a victorious procession and only now decided to give time to formalities. For example, it wondered in the aggregation of the accumulated potential in the new brand.


They say, “As you name the boat, so it will float”. The name is important, but nevertheless the branding is significant too. So the independent agency Royal ® Advertising started its work with a new  brand of capital development. So, please welcome the ambitious  construction corporation, striving to occupy a worthy place on the European (for a minute!) market — Noxt Group.


The young Noxt team from the very beginning found a dear soul in the face of Royal ® Advertising team. And when from the Royal shop, workers rolled out a new brand in cellophane (in all its glory — with the philosophy, a legend, an identity and communication manifestations), customers said: "Of course! That is what we had in mind. We are, after all, Noxt Group!"

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