Şirindil \\ Sugar from Azerbaijan


An independent agency Royal ® Advertising took pains to create a logo and style of the new brand in the Azerbaijan food market — a new product, sugar “Şirindil”.


As for the Ukrainian consumer sugar is an ordinary item of daily consumption, for Azerbaijans the sweet cubes are the cult product.

Thinly understanding the nuances and spirit of the Azerbaijan market, thanks to the close cooperation of the Baku representation of the agency with the customer, Royal ® Advertising team has embodied the message which helped the product to take confident place in the premium place.


Arabian nights magic and well-known luxury of the East — that is how the firm style of Şirindil is understood, and with it every business card, envelope or box of branded sugar also.

In the East, sugar is a food, which is given special attention to. That is why the box for "Şirindil" is made in a unique way — with a slight movement it decomposes into a bowl, decorating a feast.

Well, now in the strengthening of many centuries cultural traditions of the East, there is one more bit of Ukrainian creative professionalism!

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