Экспрессвыкуп \\ Service, enhanced with animation


The company "Ekspresvykup" over 15 years represented at the Ukrainian market in the field of auto buy out, appealed to an independent agency Royal ® Advertising with the task of modernization and redesign of its profile web resource. Aimed at a wide range of consumers, both skilled and novice web users, the site should be convenient and easy.


The Royal ® Advertising experts have developed a convenient functional and easy interface of the site. They asked themselves about the resource uniqueness and its feature. That is how the idea of an animated video was born, that showed a visitor the heart of an offered service.


As a result, by the efforts of Royal ® Advertising artists, “Ekspresvykup" has got a vivid characters, that audience would love immediately. In the cartoon story there is a cute barbel, who wants to sell his car, does not realize the necessity to address online service and goes to try to sell it on a auto market, buys a lot of newspapers. Failing to get the desired result, he goes to "Ekspresvykup" and meets the Expert, who provides car redemption in the shortest possible time.

According to "Ekspresvykup" employees, all the cartoon characters look similar to the real participants of transactions. Even the dubious persons, the character is afraid of in the auto market, bear a resemblance to their prototypes!

Now willing to sell their car clients can not only instantly evaluate the cost and arrange fast transaction security, but also smile looking cartoon that is familiar to real life story.

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