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The "City of Flowers" has a holiday today. Firstly, the long-awaited summer has painted a nearby Dendropark with bright colors, daily brings the whole project team to the paraxism of contentment. And, secondly, brand marketing goes into new, unprecedented horizons, thanks to cooperation with an independent agency Royal ® Advertising.


We mean a new cross-brand campaign, in the toolkit of which tools for increasing the conversion of the upper stages of the sales funnel are implemented. "The iceberg peak" of the communication campaign is an interactive action that allows to include a wide range of potential consumers to the dialogue, who had questions that need answers up to the current moment.


An obvious premise was the inference that an effective and mutually interesting conversation can not contain one point of view. Communication, in which the buyer faces a fact — the price per meter — does not bring opponents closer, but rather the opposite, increases the psychological distance. "Let the customer say how much he is ready to pay," — a doctrine of the independent agency Royal ® Advertising, which brought the summer "City of Flowers" campaign into the category of a sincere consumer invitation for a dialogue.


Moved by the creative enthusiasm of designers Royal ® Advertising, visually the concept took shape in the  industrial-design-non-existing but functionally-recognizable device that generates the price of a square meter and invites to its discussion. Despite the device virtuality, its "filling" is a composition of tracking systems, analytical modules for gathering and classifying users, followed by direct marketing stories, which significantly expanded, according to the results of the first weeks of the campaign, already quite "swinging" funnel.

That is market economy (in the direct sense).

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