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A group of human rights organizations, with the international Renaissance Foundation support, set out to attract public attention to the discrimination of vulnerable groups of the population.

In the process of task comprehension an independent agency Royal ® Advertising arose, and with it, a pretension discussion, captured in the graphic arts.


Initially, the task was to shame aggressive homophobes, but it was subsequently expanded and deepened by the creative team to counteract violence and domestic discrimination in any of its manifestations. Thus a series of juicy and extremely clear images was born, demonstrating the unnaturalness of vile stamps.


It is noteworthy, that having appeared in the network, the campaign caused a violent reaction from Internet users. The creators of the project were truly impressed by the paradoxical effect of their work prints demonstrating the unacceptability of aggression and cliché, caused some commentators to inflow of poorly controlled rage and anger. Perhaps, such a reaction should be considered a success of creators the problematic has clearly found a response in the fellow citizen souls.

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