GIOM \\ Old sound in a new tune


The Swiss studio specializing in the сustom assembling of high-end speakers — Giom — appealed to the independent Royal ® Advertising Agency with the task of accentuation of identity to a wider consumer, in connection with access to the scalable production.


Technology and scientific research, that are used in the GIOM appliances, allow you to position the manufactured devices as the acoustics of the highest quality. The sign on the device housing should uniquely position Giom as one of the brands of its category.


Being aware of the engineers’ team ambitions the Royal ® Advertising managed to concentrate dynamics and innovative technology, strategic brand leadership and calm absolute authority in a small symbol.


Understanding the diversity of the logo use, the creators allowed its parts to find harmony both as in co-writing and individually. Of course, the main feature of Giom is the sound quality. Now, however, this quality is determined with laconic symbol additionally.

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