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Transport company SAT, honing the skills of cargo delivery to the professional clients more than a decade, decided to extrapolate its own uniqueness to the mass market. For this purpose an independent partner agency Royal ® Advertising was invited as an expert in methodological offset of national brands.


The company, which has more than a hundred units in different Ukraine cities, focused on the decision of non-standard tasks in the field of freightage, that has advantages in the B2B segment, should focus on the uniqueness that it has.


First of all, the Royal ® Advertising team went to "into the field", collecting the most characteristic features of behaviorist "consumption" of existing services. Understanding of the results obtained, together with an analysis of the dynamics of the market at a sufficient interval, led to the development of effective formalization of the company's brand positioning.


The concept is "cemented" by the fact that the SAT is a market leader in the segment of the tasks that require a non-standard approach. SAT has a huge experience and streamlined business processes of such decisions. SAT engineers often possess unique qualification, able to solve any seemingly insoluble problem with confidence and composure of an old sea wolf of Jack London books.


After contemplating the role of the company in the market, clear profiling, having identified the obvious advantages and creating appropriate emotional pitch, Royal ® Advertising has filled a SAT brand with the content, thanks to which the Company has taken a harmonious place in the industry.


Royal ® Advertising went in against all flat-currents and verbalize the brand in Minkowski space, which regulates a "super post opportunities" of the company to provide it in the dynamics, rigidly pegging the brand at the time of the "here and now".

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