Global changes are coming in the extreme-changing real estate market of the country. And they are related not only to the fact that the "ice age" leads to the consumer extinction, but also with the fact that developers seem to have sensed this fact first.

A "quiet" developer bUd Capital got a new partner — the German architectural and construction company "MöserGmbH". This event was the forerunner of the changes, and the independent agency Royal ® Advertising became the companions and was involved for re:positioning, branding and communication.


The agency crystallized the uniqueness of the brand — the ability to "smartly" and effectively respond to the changes in the demand market by well-considered offers. This observation formed the basis for the new bUdCapital positioning, as a single sales department for a whole galaxy of venerable developers in the capital.


The agency chose the allusion to the multiple products  assortment "all for everyone" as a prototype of high-quality brand proposals. The best example to "illuminate" the road are the lighted scoreboards of gas stations. They instantly deliver information to the consumer in a convenient format for quick selection. The same principle is used in bUdCapital — the apartments are placed on electronic scoreboards around the city, symbolizing the universality and availability of the service of a single sales department, and, at the same time, high competitiveness of offers.


Simultaneously with re:positioning, the brand has undergone a decisive and very pragmatic re:design. Emphasizing the uniqueness of the segment, its primacy in the market (in terms of the number of offers and the quality of lead's development, at least), a symbolic unit was introduced into its new identity, which took an impressive place in the composition and which have closed communication messages of the brand on itself.

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