bUd development \\ Inspired by a dream


bUdDevelopment company, one of the charismatic and strong players of today's real estate market, unsteadily accentuates consumers’ attention on human orientation and deep harmony philosophy inherent in their own objects. However, in practice, the forms of expressiveness implemented by the company in architecture and infrastructure solutions differ from communication ones. The modern market surface can not boast of a maturity  level in which the client is at least in the same material and vocabulary as the developer. That is why, professionals in their profile, bUdDevelopment logically turned to their long-time partners, professionals in marketing communications, the independent agency Royal ® Advertising.


And here, the agency’s chthonic approach, meaning a location "closer to the ground" (read  to the consumer) than to "the sky" (read — the creator and reread — to the creator of the living environment) turned out to be more advantageous than all attempts to "pack" market parameters of a dozen of residential complexes of bUd brands. A vision that would convey the truly appreciated quality of the v objects was the transformation of their unification into a single harmonious stable ... ecosystem. So a visual combination of real objects with artistic fantasies, generated and supplemented by emotions, was born.


The whole life is a bizarre combination of realities and our perception of them, supplemented by a fantasy, a dream and even sometimes a convincing tale. This metaphor, combined with the campaign's vision and compositional slender verbal form, resulted in the work of the creative Royal ® Advertising team and allowed to charm the citizens with a new large-scale campaign, forming the image of the developer.

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