Місто Квітів \\ Hello!


This time the task of Royal ® Advertising independent agency was the entry of a new residential quarter into Kyiv real estate market.


Why does the park quarter got the name “The city of the flowers”? What will be the object communication during the campaign? What is remarkable in a new residential complex? What will be the price range?


Royal ® Advertising developers decided not to answer these and many similar questions. Until a certain time, of course. The first word in an advertising phrase is greeting. The City of Flowers meets the Kyiv residents and tells them “Hello”. Do not hesitate, with the development of the campaign the City of Flowers will tell about itself everything, it will surprise and intrigue the consumer.


After all, the real interest, and even more true love, is never born without riddles. The City of Flowers, believe me, is worthy of the love of Kyiv.


The visualization of the City of Flowers’ greeting immediately identified the variability of supply — the first campaign print has appeared in various colors, and even with a different font style logo-sign. Believe me, this is no accident. Follow the events ;)


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