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Modern communication consists of micromoments — instantaneous emotion, often expressed by whatever's to hand. A high-spirited versification, which determined the aesthetic and educational level of the interlocutors in our memory (Gen. X is in da haus), have gone to the past, leaving laconic 2u, wtf, btw and asap to contemporaries and their descendants.


What can be said about the professional environment, where a patterned system of reactions and queries has always become an integral part of a highly specialized subculture. Here, the brevity and capacitance of the replicas are additionally flavored with a subtle profile irony, sometimes turning into a coarse and not always clear sarcasm.


However, leaving the out-of-fashion sweeping syllable, let's get to the point. And the point is, actually, that the creative collective of the independent agency Royal ® Advertising, having completely lost all facets between creative work and private leisure, began to introduce jokingly not only symbolic, but also graphical memes into internal office usage.


Lo and behold, as the famous minibus VW Transporter was invented by workers of the Volkswagen plant as a motorized trolley for the in-house needs, so the graphic memes of the designer "plant" Royal ® Advertising found a second life, breaking out of the environment of their own creators.


In the end, due the efforts of a brilliant artist Olexander Nykytyuk, a set of stickers with a character based on a real person, a creator’s colleague, a beautiful typical designer Sanya aka ZHORZHYCH Trytynychenko was born. And now, when exactly this happened, in the depths of agcy®, an exciting task was born: according to the numerous requests of readers the typical designer life and style were going to a free swimming to the world of designers, art directors, customers and all creative people.


Add the collection to your Telegram!

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